Rental Guidelines

At Desert Aire, we have published Rental Standards so all renters can expect a positive experience with their rental accommodation. The intention is to provide renters a high quality, consistent and pleasant stay.

  1.  The Rental Agent/Homeowner will advise Security and the HOA office of when an incoming renter will arrive.  All Renters should check into the HOA office with picture ID showing proof of age (55+) and complete an emergency contact form.
  2. An administration fee of $25.00 and a deposit of $25.00 for a gate access card will be required.  (cash or checks only)
  3. Two sets of keys will be provided.
  4. Cable TV is included, but check with each individual rental contract to determine if telephone, internet, bicycles or use of the shed is included.
  5. The park model will be clean, in good working order and any damage will be repaired before the rental period.
  6. Determine who will be doing the yard maintenance.
  7. Determine how and when the propane tanks will be filled.
  8. Adequate cooking supplies, bedding, towels etc. will be supplied.  (See below the Expectations for Rental Units in Desert Aire.)
  9. Become familiar with where shutoffs for water and propane are and where the electrical panel is.
  10. Sign up for Desert Aire E News on any page of our website to stay informed of weekly activities and news updates.



Desert Aire Map and Rules

Expectations for Rental Units in Desert Aire

All Park Models and contents should be clean, in good condition and in working order.  All food and personal items should be removed before it is rented.


Dishes, including 4 each of dinner plates, dessert plates, cereal/soup bowls, cups/mugs.

Glassware for juice, water, wine.  (at least 4 of each)

Silverware and steak knives.  (at least 4 place settings)

Serving platter, tray and serving spoons.

Cooking utensils, i.e., spatula, cooking spoons, egg lifters, kitchen scissors, vegetable peeler, etc.


Can opener (hand or electric) bottle opener, corkscrew

Measuring cups and spoons

Containers for food storage

Baking sheets

Several sharp knives for food preparation and a cutting board or mat

Mixing bowls, at least 3

Cookware, Pyrex or Corning Ware type, for microwave and/or oven cooking/baking

Salt and Pepper shakers, sugar bowl, creamer

Cookware, frying pan(s), small and large sauce pans

Appliances- all clean, incl:  Refrigerator, Stove, Microwave, Coffee Maker, Toaster or Toaster Oven

Dish detergent, roll of paper towels, 4 pack toilet paper and several bars of soap


2 sets of good quality sheets and pillow cases, 2 bed pillows, mattress protector

4 sets of good quality towels (bath, hand, and washcloths)

At least 2 blankets or comforter

Tea towels/hand towels for kitchen, at least 4;  scrubbers and/or dishcloths

Potholders and hot pads, several in clean and good condition

Shower curtain/liner (clean)


Fire extinguisher charged and in working condition

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors (with annual replaced battery)

Red Emergency Response Binder

Television with Cable Box installed for local TV

BBQ and BBQ utensils – clean

Cleaning supplies, cleaning cloths, glass/window/all purpose cleaner, sink cleanser, toilet bowl brush etc.

Mop, broom and dust pan

Trash bags

Vacuum cleaner with vacuum bags if required

Spare light bulbs

Clothes hangers for shirts and Pants/shorts/skirts

Clean shelf paper in cabinets

Window blinds and curtains

Door knobs/levers/pulls in good working order

Furniture – clean, unstained and operational

Matches/lighter for stove and BBQ if necessary

Patio table and chairs, or chairs and small side table

Flash light

First Aid Kit


Hair Dryer

Suggested items that may be included:

Blender, Crock Pot, Kettle , Hand Mixer, Place Mats,Swimming Towels, Tea Pot, Salad bowl and tongs, Radio Alarm clock, Kitchen timer, Pitcher